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16384 Fraser Hwy Surrey
British Columbia V3S 2X2, Canada
Phone No:(604) 594-0020
Fax No:(604) 484-9030

A Little More About Us

West Coast Fuels came into existence in January 2017 after it made its humble beginnings in 1988, as probably the only gas station eastbound between Highway 1A and Highway 15. In 2017 the brand changed and with it changed everything. We realised that our patrons were paying a higher price for 'a brand'. We had a vision to offer the same gas to our patrons, as all gas comes from refineries and is compositionally the same, at a price which would not include the price of 'the brand'. We lost some committed 'brand' patrons, but we welcomed a large number of other price conscious patrons. A lot of people came to understand that the low price of gas at some of the large outlets actually serve the same gas, at a considerably lower price compared to the 'big brand' gas stations. Our motto-'Quality gas for all at an affordable price'.


About our main feature

Convenience Store


Vehicular and Bottle Propane

Free Air

Pay at the Pump

Wheelchair accessible washroom

Phone cards/recharge

Free Wifi

Gasoline (87/89/91 octane)

Self Service


Gums & Candy

Juicy Fruit
Hubba Bubba
Fisherman's Friend
Excel Mint 34g
Excel Mint 12.2g
Jolly Rancher 34 g
Life Savers 32g
Wine gums 44g
Reese 62 gms
Reese Sticks 85gms
Nestle Coffee Crisp 75gms
Eat more 75gms
Oh Henry 85 gms
Oh Henry Peanut Butter
Mars 85gms
Snickers 93gms
Twix 85gms
Kit Kat 73 gms
Reese Big Cup 79gms
Wunder Bar 90gms
Nestle Aero 63gms
Kit Kat Chunky 72gms
Mr. Big 90 gms
Reese Bar 120gms
Bounty 85gms
Turtles 67gms
Caramilk 78gms
Turbo Power Antifreeze
STP Power Steering Fluid
STP Brake Fluid
WD 40
Armorall Wipes
Tite Seal
Armorall Auto Cleaner
Drano Liquid
Castrol 2 stroke (500ml)
ATF (946ml)
Mobil ATF (1 liter)
Synthetic Oil
Handy Wash
Polishing Cloth
Glass Cleaner Wipes
Winter Wise Brush


Nestle Coffee Crisp 50gms
Kinder Bueno 50gms
Wonder Bar 50gms
Oh Henry 50gms
Oh Henry Peanut Butter
Reese Cup 50gms
Reese White Minis 200gms
Cadbury Crispy Crunch 50gms
Eatmore 50gms
Aeor milk 50gms
Nestle Big Turk 50gms
Starburst 92gms
Starburst 58gms
Maynards 64gms
Gummy Twins Candy
Tic Tac 25gms
Tic Tac 49gms
Nerds 46.7gms
Twizzlers 90gms
Twizzlers Nibs 75gms
Sweetarts 51gms
Skittles Original 61gms
Skittles Surs 51gms
Skittles 92gms
Cobstoppers 50gms
Excel Peppermint 83gms

Bowl Noodles & Jerky

Noodle Time
Bowl Noodel
Kimchi Bowl
Mr Noodle
Jumbo size Teriyaki sticks 48gms
Jumbo size Pepperoni 48gms
Jack Links Original 50gms
Big Dad Beet Stick 48gms
Jack Links Hot Beet Sticks 50gms
Go Canadians jerky

Miscellaneous Items

Lady Speed Stick 45gms
Secret Deodorant 45 gms
Reactive (3tabs)
Always Ultrathin
Tampax (10's)
Tampax (20's)
Tire Gauge
Zippo 133ml
Ronson lighter gas 78 gms
Ronson lighter gas 65gms
Palmolive Green Apple 739ml
Kleenex (go pack)
Renuzit room freshners
Single fuses
Cell phone chargers
Cell phone charger wires
Cell phone car mounts
Camping shampoo
Camping soap strips
Children's swimming goggles
Adult's swimming goggles
Basic First Aid Kit
25' silver foil roll
90'Food wrap roll
25' waxed paper
Ladies disposal razor
Men's disposal razor
Toothbrush & toothpaste

Energy Bars & Nuts

Kellog's Vector Chocolate Chip
Kellog's Nutri Grain
Nature Valley Peanut
Nature Valley Oat & Honey
Cliff Bar Trail Mix
Cliff Bar White Choclate
Cliff Bar Chocolate Almond
Cliff Bar Peanut Butter
Corn Nuts Ranch
Corn Nuts BBQ
Corn Nuts Original
Corn Nuts Jalapeno
Corn Nuts Chilli
Hershey's Mix 56gms
Orville Sweet & Salty 70gms
Quaker Crispy Minis 100gms
Bits & Bites Original 175gms
Bugles Original 85gms
Pringles Original 160gms
Pringles Sour cream 160gms
Pringles BBQ 160gms
Pringles Jalapeno 160gms
Pringles Salt & Vinegar 160gms
Pringles Cheddar 160gms
Pringles Tortillas 160gms
Pringles Pizza 160gms
Munchies Cashew
Munchies Trailmix
Munchies Nuts & Choclates
Munchies Peanut BBQ
Munchies Peanut Honey
Munchies Peanut Roasted
Munchies Peanut Salted
Nutella & Go
Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub & Sponge

Our Services

We fill bottle and auto/RV propane

Resource Center

Plumbing Services

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Drywall Services

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Daycare Services

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Landscaping Service

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Handy Man

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Interior Decoration

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